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Small Town, Big Romance: Date-cation, Mill Valley Style

Small Town, Big Romance: Date-cation, Mill Valley Style

We love a good Date Night! What do we mean by good? Well, a thoughtfully planned one has the potential to transform your usual "wanna do something tonight?" into a mini-vacation. A Date-cation, if you will. That's good.  

Even better? We've done the planning for you. All you need to do is set the date with your lucky-and-in-love person, make a couple of reservations, and clear your schedule for 24 hours (or more!) of fun and romance in Mill Valley California.

One of the things we love about this itinerary: once you park your car at Mill Valley Inn, you'll trade-in your keys for hand-in-hand strolls. Driving logistics are so not romantic. Walking around in charming and Redwood-ed Mill Valley, on the other hand, amps ups the love vibes. 

Onward, Date-cation.

Let's Go!

1:00pm // Start off with a leisurely hike to Cascade Falls. Park your car at the hotel and walk down the street to Old Mill Park. The front desk staff will point you in the right direction. You will enter Old Mill Park, where you begin your walk through the Redwood-ed neighborhood leading back to the Falls. The lush nature will set the mood, but it wouldn't hurt if you also packed a little something to enjoy once you reach your destination - chocolates an champagne? beer and pretzels? green juice and energy balls? You know what your bae likes best, so plan ahead.

3:00pm // Check-in at Mill Valley Inn. You'll get your cozy vibes going at Mill Valley Inn so prepare to nest for a few hours before the complimentary wine reception at 5:00. For the ultimate private get-away consider one of the cottages or even the penthouse.

7:00pm // Walk hand-in-hand to dinner. Our two favorites for dinner are Piazza D'Angelo and Mill Valley Beerworks. You can read all about our love for Piazza D'Angelo here. And Mill Valley Beerworks is not your typical brewpub. Their specialty is fresh, light, local cuisine and of course a full range of beer (and wine).

9:00pm // Dance over to Sweetwater Music Hall. Most shows start at 9:00 in this intimate, fun, purely Mill Valley venue. After the show walk back home and drift off to sleep at Mill Valley Inn, with the aroma of the Redwood trees all around you.


Good Morning!

8:30am // Breakfast in the Sun Terrace Lounge. Your complimentary breakfast buffet awaits. Before you have breakfast, pop-in to the front desk to reserve two bikes because after breakfast you're going for a ride!

9:30 am // Hop on the bikes for a lovely morning ride to Sausalito, with a stop at Proof Lab Surf Shop on the way. You'll join up with this route to Sausalito near Proof Lab. If you plan to check out of the hotel on this day, do so before you head out and let the front desk know what time you'll be returning the bikes. They'll hold your luggage for you while you're out.


Yes! A Two-Nighter!

Here's the deal: we think you're going to have a ton of fun and a super connected time with your love. Why not plan a two-night Date-cation?! Read on...

12:00 // Lunch in Sausalito at Joinery. All the tables come with a view at this communal beer hall and rotisserie. 

2:00 // Self care at Dolls & Dandy. You've hiked, you've biked, now it's time for pedicures! Return the bikes to the hotel and walk over to Dolls & Dandy.

3:00 // Cozy time at Mill Valley Inn. Followed, of course, by the complimentary wine reception at 5:00.

7:00 // Movie night at Sequoia Theatre. More hand-in-hand strolling to see a current movie at this theatre a few blocks from the hotel.

9:00 // Late Dinner. It seems very date-y to see a movie and then have a late dinner. Dine at the other restaurant - Piazza D'Angelo or Mill Valley Beerworks - that you didn't visit last night. 


Good Morning Again!

The next morning, we suggest sleeping in and then roshambo to see who gets to fix a couple of plates from the breakfast buffet and bring them back to the room. You have plenty of time to laze in your room before check-out at the very reasonable hour of twelve noon.

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p.s. We wanted to let you know that we are not commercially affiliated with any of the companies, people, or places we mention on our blog. We don't receive commissions or any sort of compensation. We mention them simply because we believe they have something special to offer you, our guests!

Buzz out to Heidrun Meadery in Point Reyes

Buzz out to Heidrun Meadery in Point Reyes

Ciao from Piazza D'Angelo in Mill Valley!

Ciao from Piazza D'Angelo in Mill Valley!