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Ciao from Piazza D'Angelo in Mill Valley!

Ciao from Piazza D'Angelo in Mill Valley!

You may  have noticed that we include the following disclaimer on some of our posts:

"Oh, we wanted to let you know that we are not commercially affiliated with any of the companies, people, or places we mention on our blog. We don't receive commissions or any sort of compensation. We mention them simply because we believe they have something special to offer you, our guests!"

There's one exception to the "affiliated" note: Piazza D'Angelo restaurant. If you've read our About page, you'll notice that Piazza D'Angelo is owned by the same team that owns Marin Hotels. We call Piazza D'Angelo our sister restaurant. And she's a super fun sibling!

Even if the folks at Piazza D'Angelo weren't in the family, we'd still recommend it because we think they have something to offer you, our guests! The restaurant perfectly blends Northern California and Southern Italy both on the plate and in the atmosphere. It's warm, the staff is friendly, and everyone is having fun. It's bustling.

Our favorite dishes are the Pizza Margherita, Conchiglie Alla Contadina, and always the special-of-the-day salad and fish. Order them all and your server will figure out how to pace your meal leisurely Italian-style. And even if you usually say no to the bread, break your rule - their complimentary bread and dipping oil is worth it. If they have a bottle of Cannonau, a uniquely Sardininan wine, on the menu, order that too. Trust.

Now you're ready to become part of the crowd of long-time locals, families, date-night couples, and groups of friends who populate this wonderful spot on the square in downtown Mill Valley. 

Buon Appetito!

p.s. Also: brunch is outstanding!

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The It List: Top 10 Things To Do in Marin County CA

The Family That Surfs Together Thrives Together

The Family That Surfs Together Thrives Together