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Immerse in the Trees: Forest Bathing Is All The Rage

Immerse in the Trees: Forest Bathing Is All The Rage

There’s a fine line between doing some basic California Tree-Hugging and participating in the Japanese practice called Shinrin-Yoku a.k.a Forest Bathing. Call it what you want, a growing body of evidence suggests that immersing in nature — especially a forest — provides an undeniable benefit to your health and well-being.


Get out there. Lets not overcomplicate this. Just plan to go for a walk among the trees during your visit to Marin, with no other agenda. So easy! But: Plan to be disconnected. Leave your phone behind, or at least on airplane mode. Begin by marking the transition into the natural world with a small ritual. Notice your feet on the path, say hi to a tree, breathe in the forest scent all the way down to your toes. Whatever it takes to get you there.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than one seeks.
— John Muir

Where is there? Our 5 favorite Forest Bathing spots in Marin. We are spoiled with easily accessible nature in Marin. Whether you’re in the mood for the full-on National Park experience or a lesser-known local’s favorite, Mother Nature provides in Marin County. Here are our top 5 picks for your Tree Hugging/Shinrin-Yoku experience:

Old Mill Park. Lovey Redwoods and easy paths wind around the area. An easy walk from Mill Valley Inn (which, worth noting, has its own Redwood grove), you’ll be immersed in the grove in under 5 minutes. If you’re driving, there’s usually street parking around the area.

Baltimore Canyon. Okay now you know what the locals know: this spot tucked behind a neighborhood in Larkspur is one of the most amazing spots in Marin to get in the trees, with a bonus waterfall called Dawn Falls.

Pro Tip: the parking at the trailhead is limited. Go early or find a spot in the neighborhood and walk to the trailhead. Worth it! You will see homes of all types built around the Redwoods — literally. An only-in-Marin experience!


Samual P. Taylor State Park. These lesser-known Redwoods in Marin county offer a peaceful place to connect with nature, and a beautiful backroads drive to the destination. Hike to the Pioneer Tree and lay at her base and breathe, over and over again.

Roy’s Redwoods. Some of the tallest Redwoods in Marin can be found in this quiet, uncrowded forest with an easy loop hike.

Muir Woods. Well of course we need to include one of the crown jewels of the National Park system right here in Marin. Every time we mention Muir Woods we’re going to remind you: make reservations.


Bonus: The Forest Bathing Club. Take it to the next level with The Forest Bathing Club. Founded in San Francisco with events held in Marin County and all over the world, they will help you tap into the boundless source of inspiration found in nature.

See you out there!

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