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Tiburon Travel Guide: Romance by the Bay

Tiburon Travel Guide: Romance by the Bay

The benefits of a good date night are manifold. Yet according to this article in Huffington Post "4 Reasons to Put Date Night on Your Calendar", many couples don't make the effort. Why? It's seems hard to plan and regular life takes precedence. 

We have an idea: Plan a date night while you're on vacation! If you're planning a vacation to San Francisco, take a vacation from your vacation with a date night (or two) in Marin County. Or on your way back from a Napa Valley trip. Also: we're looking at you, San Franciscans.

In the small town of Tiburon on the Tiburon Peninsula in Marin County, you and your love will plunge into your own little world. It's quiet, undemanding, uncrowded, and offers up easy fun. Just what the date doctor ordered!

Here's the plan:

If you're coming from San Francisco, arrive mid-afternoon via Ferry. Or if you really want to make a splash, via Tideline Water Taxi.

Pop into Sam's Anchor Cafe for cocktails and crudo. Combined with that view, this spot gets the fun date vibes flowing.

Check-in at Waters Edge Hotel, a boutique hotel made for romantics. Of course we think it's the perfect backdrop for romance: fireplaces, plush beds, and the only hotel in town with a view of the bay and the San Francisco skyline in the distance. Illuminated at night, this setting adds a bunch of extra glitter to your date.

If you're feeling a movie & dinner, catch a first-run movie at the luxury Tiburon Playhouse. Stadium seating and wine and beer service make this a special occasion spot.

Make dinner reservations at Luna Blu. It's intimate, it's cozy, and it's one of the Top 100 neighborhood restaurants in America.

The next morning, rent an electric bike at Pedego Tiburon and pick up a picnic from Rustic Bakery. The folks at Pedego will advise you on routes, and you're off to explore the Tiburon Peninsula together. 

If you're staying a second night, be sure to plan some deck time at Waters Edge. Enjoy the complimentary wine reception before you head out to dinner in Tiburon.

The next day plan a trip over to Angel Island. After a short but spectacular 10 minute ferry ride, you'll find yourself on an island in the middle of the bay. Get lost together. Find one of the many secluded spots to picnic. Enjoy the cafe, often with live music on the weekends. It will feel like another vacation from your vacation out there.

Our recommendation: do this mid-week when the rest of the world is working. Hooky feels like an extra sneaky secret between the two of you. 

We wish you much romance and fun on your date days and nights in Tiburon!


p.s. We wanted to let you know that we are not commercially affiliated with any of the companies, people, or places we mention on our blog. We don't receive commissions or any sort of compensation. We mention them simply because we believe they have something special to offer you, our guests!

The Family That Surfs Together Thrives Together

The Family That Surfs Together Thrives Together

Forecast: High Awe Conditions in Marin County

Forecast: High Awe Conditions in Marin County