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There's so much to do here. You're going to want to say awhile!

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Forecast: High Awe Conditions in Marin County

Forecast: High Awe Conditions in Marin County

The article “The Power of Awe”  in the June 2018 issue of Men’s Health magazine considers the positive effects of Awe on our health, creativity, mood, and general well-being.  A wonderful potion, Awe. And guess where you can get it in abundance? Marin County!

Awe is triggered by the perception of either perpetual or conceptual vastness.
— David Bryce Yaden Ph.D

Herewith, our Top 5 spots for experiencing Awe in Marin:

  1. Sunset in the Marin Headlands. Park at the Rodeo Beach lot (aka Fort Cronkhite parking lot) and head uphill .8 mile to Battery Townsley. Walk through the tunnel, where the rolling hills of the Headlands and the Pacifc Ocean lay before you. There's some vastness for you! You'll probably have the place to yourself, but if there are other people there you will experience the good feels of communal Awe. It's going to be hard to leave this magical spot; be sure to do so in time to get back down the hill before dark.
  2. Tomales Point Trail. This trail runs the spine on a finger of land on the edge of the continent. Ocean on one side, Tomales Bay on the other. Only sky above. Bring a picnic and set up at the very tip of the point. Trust. 
  3. Drakes Beach. First thing in the morning you'll have this place to yourself. It's impossible not to feel your stress level slip away here. Massive white cliffs provide the backdrop for endless ocean views.
  4. Mt. Tamalpais. So many spots on Mt. Tam to feel Mother Nature's Awe. One of our favorites is the Matt Davis - Steep Ravine Loop. You'll wander through multiple ecosystems from open grasslands to Redwood forests to a waterfall, the ultimate Awe-inducer.
  5. Angel Island. Hike the Perimeter Loop for an unfolding series of panoramic views, where man-made beauty seamlessly knits together with your natural environment. You'll be rewarded with views of the San Francisco skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge, the hills and shoreline of Tiburon, and the outline of East Bay towns and bridges. We like to hike the trail "backwards", starting out by heading East. This leaves the crowd behind and saves the Golden Gate Bridge reveal for the end of this 5-mile loop. 

Are we allowed to say it? Well we're going to: have an AWESOME time on your adventures in Marin!


Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

The Family That Surfs Together Thrives Together

The Family That Surfs Together Thrives Together

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