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Waterside Architecture: The Floating Homes of Sausalito

Waterside Architecture: The Floating Homes of Sausalito

A few weeks ago, we posted a pretty extensive list of things to do in Sausalito. It’s SUBSTANTIAL, and there’s one we want to make sure you don’t overlook: the Floating Homes of Sausalito. This is one of our favorite spots in Marin!

The variety of architecture of the floating homes on the five docks in this community is incredible. You’ll see everything from shacks to pagodas to Victorians to to classic California bungalows, all floating side by side.


Park in the lot on Gate 6 Road in Sausalito, about a 4 minute drive from Acqua Hotel, 10 minutes from Mill Valley Inn, and 15 from Waters Edge Hotel. Pop “Gate 6 Road Sausalito” into your GPS and you’ll find the lot.

You can walk around any of the docks. There are five docks: South 40, “A” Dock, Liberty, Main and Issaquah. Visit them all of to get a feel for the entire community, though each dock has a distinct look and feel. You’ll see!

From your parking spot on Gate 6 Road, you can start at Issaquah dock and walk South* along the sidewalk that connects the docks until you come to the last one, South 40.

*Take a left when coming off each dock.


Walk out on the piers between the docks for views of Richardson Bay with the homes dotted all around. Linger a few minutes and you’ll see marine life (including SUPers and kayakers).

Please remember that these are functioning neighborhoods, so: keep your voice down, don’t smoke, and leave your dog behind. There will be cats.

Want to go inside of these homes? You can on Saturday September 14, 2019, during the Floating Homes Tour, when over a dozen homes will be open. Or consider a private tour anytime.


Your curiosity will be piqued; here’s some reading:

Smithsonian Magazine did a piece on the Floating Homes in 2012. While a few things have changed — the rebel Gates Co-Op has been removed, beautiful landscaping and wealthy entrepreneurs have been added — it’s a good read for history and character of the people who live in the community.

The Floating Homes Association will answer all of your practical questions about living in a floating home.

Floating in Sausalito “creates a seductive portrait of a sun-soaked floating bohemia.” The photography is gorgeous.


See you out there!

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