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Marin County Travel Guide: The Summer Edit

Marin County Travel Guide: The Summer Edit

In our Marin Travel Guide: The Best Things To Do in Marin County Part One and Two, we’ve suggested the evergreen must-do’s for visitors to Marin. But if you’re planning a visit to Marin County during the summer — which for the record runs from May to late October — there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be here during an outdoor concert, street fair, parade, county park event, art fair, sunset cruise…SO many things to consider adding to your itinerary!

How do we keep track of everything going on? We don’t! For up-to-the-minute events we turn to our excellent local resources.

Ronnie’s Awesome List. A curated monthly list of the most awesome fun and family-friendly things happening in Marin.

Marin Magazine. Sign up for the newsletter, it’s one of the best things in our inbox every Wednesday.

Marin Mommies. Thorough coverage of goings on in Marin. We just bookmarked this post, listing free outdoor concerts in Marin this summer.

Marin IJ. Our local news resource, with a good weekly events overview.

Marin County Parks. From wildflower and waterfall hikes to fishing lessons, there’s a trove of fun things to do in our excellent county parks.

Enjoy Mill Valley. For a small town, there’s alot going on in Mill Valley!

Destination Tiburon. Sunset cruise? Butterfly walk? Friday night street parties? Yes, yes, and yes!

Our Sausalito. Lots of music. And you know how we feel about the Presidio Yacht Club.

The Proof Lab. If surfing and skating are your thing, get on their mail list for advance notice on events.

And a special shout out to our County Fair:

Marin County Fair. In addition to the usual carnival rides and fair food, our county fair is pretty well known for the music and fireworks.

See you out there!

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